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Applying for entry on the OIIQ Roll


To maintain their right to practise, members of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) must apply for entry on the Roll, complete their Annual Declarations and pay the applicable fees, every year. 

What is the Roll?

It is a record of OIIQ members in good standing. In particular, it indicates:

  • where the member works;
  • his position
  • his field of practice.

Any person who uses the title of Nurse or performs a professional activity reserved to nurses, without being entered on the Roll of the OIIQ as a member in good standing, commits an offence and is subject to penal proceedings for unauthorized use of the title of nurse and/or illegal practice of the profession.

When do I have to apply for entry on the Roll?

OIIQ members must apply by 5 p.m. on March 31 if they wish to practise as nurses and use the title of Nurse. Entry on the Roll is valid from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

Frequently asked questions - Entry on the Roll

Applying for entry on the Roll

When the period to apply for entry on the Roll begins, the Order notifies its members electronically or by mail, if there is no e-mail address on their file.

Accessing the reserved section

To apply for entry on the Roll, go to the reserved section of the OIIQ website, identified by a lock symbol at the top of the home page. 

We recommend that you use a computer or a tablet and the Google Chrome browser.

View this tutorial to learn how to access the reserved section of the OIIQ Website.


Mandatory Annual Declaration

To apply for entry on the OIIQ Roll, you must complete your Annual Declaration. It contains many details that you are legally required to provide to the Order:

  • your professional domicile (place of work)
  • your employer(s)
  • the number of hours you practised nursing between January and December 2016
  • the number of hours of continuing education you completed over this same period
  • any conviction relating to a criminal, penal or disciplinary offence

Before you begin, make sure you have your permit number and all this information on hand. 

Avoid the rush by completing your Annual Declaration as soon as the application period opens. You can make your payment at a later date, but remember the means of payment accepted and the applicable deadlines.

View this tutorial to learn how to complete the steps of the OIIQ's mandatory annual declaration.

Paying your annual assessment

Frequently asked questions – 2017-2018 assessment

You are responsible for using a payment method that allows the Order to cash your payment by 5 p.m. on March 31.

You can choose from a number of payment methods when paying your assessment. 

  Online In person
Deadline for applying for entry on the roll
Credit card March 31/5 p.m. March 31/5 p.m.
Bank transfer March 26/11:59 p.m. N/A
Debit card N/A March 31/5 p.m.
Cash N/A March 31/5 p.m.
Bank draft N/A March 31/5 p.m.
Money order N/A March 31/5 p.m.
Certified cheque N/A March 31/5 p.m.

New: Personal cheques no longer accepted

Unfortunately, it will no longer be possible to pay by personal cheque, for several reasons. The administrative management was problematical, as the Order had to deal with unidentified cheques, some postdated after March 31, NSF cheques and so on. Payment by cheque also meant postal delays that were not always taken into account by members. In addition, depending on the financial institution, it could take up to two weeks before the cheque was finally cashed by the Order, complicating members’ entry on the Roll. 

If you do not respect the above terms of payment and deadlines, you will be charged late fees of $50 and you will not be entered on the Roll until after the Order has cashed payment of these late fees and other amounts due. In other words, you will not be able to work as a nurse. It is a question of fairness toward the other members who have paid their fees on time.

Confirmation of entry on the Roll and invoice

Once your Annual Declaration has been completed and your assessment paid, you will receive an invoice by e-mail. It contains your confirmation of professional liability insurance and a detachable card entitling you to benefits offered for members by OIIQ partners. 

Keep the invoice, since it can be used as your income tax receipt. 

No more attestation of entry on the Roll (AIT)

This attestation (AIT) is a card that was issued every year. The Order stopped issuing them on October 30, 2015. The purpose of the card was to show that you were entered on the Roll for that year. But since your status as a nurse can change during the year, the card didn’t actually prove to your employer that you were authorized to practise nursing.

In future, the only way of verifying that a member is authorized to practise is to check online, at This page is updated daily.

Liability insurance

To practise nursing, you must be insured. The OIIQ offers a professional liability insurance plan that is included in your annual assessment.

You can take out insurance under another plan if you wish. In that case, you must provide proof of insurance whenever you renew your entry on the Roll.

Request for retroactive cancellation of your annual entry on the Roll

You may request that your annual entry on the Roll be cancelled retroactively and be reimbursed for the assessment you paid. For your request to be accepted, you must meet the following criteria adopted by the Executive Committee:

  1. The request concerns only the current year.
  2. You have not practised nursing since April 1 of the current year.
  3. An event beyond your control occurred before April 1 and obliged you to cease practising the profession.
  4. You do not plan to resume practising nursing before the end of the current fiscal year – March 31.
  5. Your request must reach us by April 15 of the year of the Roll for which you are requesting reimbursement, and must include your permit number.

You must provide the following supporting documents so that we can analyze your file:

  • An email explaining the grounds for your request for reimbursement;
  • An attestation from your employer confirming that you have not worked since April 1 of the current year;
  • A medical certificate attesting to your health, if it is related to your situation.

You will be notified of the decision as soon as possible, by email.

IMPORTANT: If your request for reimbursement is accepted, your annual entry on the Roll of the Order will be cancelled. This means that you will not be able to practise nursing for the duration of the current year’s Roll.

You may also wish to consult the relevant section of the OIIQ website (I do not wish to be entered on the Roll for 2017-2018. What should I do?).

This information is also available when you apply for entry on the Roll in the reserved section, so that you can decide on the appropriate steps in your situation.

Updating your file

When do I have to update my file?

As soon as there is any change in your place of residence or place of practice, you have 30 days to update your file. To make this change online, go to the reserved section on our website.

Enter a unique, exclusive and valid e-mail address in your file, to make it easier for the OIIQ to contact you.

514 935-2501, option 2
1 800 363-6048, option 2